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Today I spent a lot of time on a journey of self discovery and truly reconnected with myself again! I have no more baggage of the Soul! -Trinity*

Without a doubt at all I feel like a new and revitalized person!! I ca apply my confidence and have a new outlook on life! I would personally like to recommend this Anger Management course to anyone. -Tim*

Ek is so dankbaar dat ek hierdie program gevolg het. Al my twyfels, self-beperkings en negatiewe gesprekke is weg! Ek waardeer myself weer! Ek kan hierdie program aanbeveel vir enige iemand wat hul lewenspaatjie meer in fokus wil hê. -S.F*

I have experienced more in one day than I would have ever experienced in any other seminar! -P. Divvy*

Grateful for the experience! It has enligthened me at a level I would never allowed myself to imagine. The power I have within myself is amazing! I am free of all the things that weighed me down. -Delia*

NLP 4 Life has refreshed me life in only one day! Free of Anger and pain, with all the knowledge and energy I need to improve the quality of my life! J*

I never thought I’d feel this way, this fast! I had so much anger this morning – Now it’s all gone. Pricilla*

I had unexplained anger. Today I experienced something I never thought possible. I recommend anyone/everyone to give it a try, it really works! -Eon*


From a total angry man to another. The feeling of calm and control can only be experienced and not explained. To go forward in life in an absolute positive way you must participate in this course. Thank you Renier for all the guidance. *

Ek was opgewonde na ek die boek gelees het, maar to nog skepties. Die ervaring was iets wat ek nog nooit beleef het nie, maar definitief die moeite werd.

Ek stap hier uit ‘n nuwe mens met beginsels en “tools” wat ek kan sien ‘n verskil in ‘n positiewe rigting sal bring in my lewe. *

I did a day Anger Management session with Renier Jooste at NLP Life Coaching towards the end of September 2012. I am so impressed with what he taught me that I feel that it was the best money I have ever spent. He coached me through a lot of my issues, and helped me to forget certain issues, in an unbelievable short period. Hours. I dragged my issues with me for a very long time and I can comfortably say I feel much lighter now.

As a matter of fact, we had a burglary the very night after my session. It was very traumatic, the burglars shot and killed one of our Great Danes and also shot at my daughter (thank God she is OK). I feel that the session did me so well that I could not harp on it. It was as if there was no importance to the whole traumatic affair at all.

I am truly looking forward to my future and am expecting good things to come my way. Thank you Renier. *

Since I attended the session I am more aware of my emotions and thoughts. I now know what to do to become the person I want to be. The session has opened my mind to possibilities, and that in order to have a better life I had to change in way that, when it reflects back to me, I will be happy with what I see. I am glad to know that there is help out there. It is interesting to see that all you need to do is to change your mindset positively and things will start to change the way you want to. *


Baie dankie vir die geleentheid om met die nuwe manier van mens wees te kon kennis maak. Dit is absoluut so nice om te dink die lewe is n lied en dat julle ons gehelp het om so te dink en alle negetiewe denke te verwyder.Ek en my man visualize elke dag, en dit gaan regtig baie baie goed. *


I have had a very mind blowing experience today. My word, I never thought that I carried so much emotional baggage around with me all these years.

Louwrens was excellent with so much patience.

I’m going to take all that I learnt today and practice this in my world – which is to be polite, love, listen and let people feel free around me.

Thank-you. *


“The me I see is the me I’ll be!

What a great life motto… but it means absolutely nothing if you don’t give yourself a fair chance to live accordingly. For years I’ve been distant, angry and negative about life, about people in my life. This was a choice I made, not knowing how severe and life changing (not in a good way) the consequences would be. I made another choice, doing this anger management course with Renier.
What an eye opener. Now I can face life, everything and everybody in it, with a smile on my face and tranquility in my heart. For me, having dealt with all my negative emotions that formed part of my daily routine, is such an amazing feeling. I just needed to be reminded of how unique each one of us are, how different!! How much God loves me…

This is exactly what this course have done for me.

I had so much anger and disappointment controlling me and blinding me every day. That I couldn’t focus on the positive anymore, this course helped me to be the person I want to be the person I see.

Thank you for helping me open my eyes to all the wonderful and positive things life has to offer me. *


I really can’t express in words how much your coaching sessions has helped me to take control of my life. I now see things in a whole new reality that is absolutely empowering and rewarding.

Thanks for playing that role in my life. *


A very rewarding, powerful program… It gave me tools I was longing for.

Thank you for helping me realise my true potential *


Eerder laat as nooit.

Ek was by ‘n kruispad in my lewe en my hele lewe het begin draai om al die probleme wat daagliks om ons gebeur. Ek moet eerlik se ek het ‘n kans gewaag omdat NLP onbekend was vir my maar ek het nie kans gesien om so voort te gaan nie. Ek het nie geweet hoe ek kan verander en vorentoe gaan nie. Die “Total breakthrough experience” was my kans wat ek gewaag het en ek was skepties. Vandag kan ek sit en terug kyk en se dit is verseker die grootste beleging wat ek ooit kon doen in my lewe. Ek is nie meer bang om my droom te laat realiser nie en is besig om my besigheid op die been te bring. My drome word een na die ander waar deur al die positiewe goed wat na my kant toe kom soveel so dat ek party dae verstom is. Deur die hele proses het ek ‘n nuwe vriend gemaak waarmee ek ‘n lang pad sal stap. Weereens dankie vir jou positiewe invloed in my lewe. Uitstekend en ek dink eerlik dat elke person op aarde die ervaring verskuldig is aan hulsef.

Hou aan met die fantastiese byvoeging tot elke person se geluk en sukses.



Personal Breakthrough Session

With lack of knowledge I was consumed by rage, hate, lack of understanding bad attitude and needed closure. And had to deal with unresolved issues from my past.

From this NLP training I opened up, dealt with my negative emotions and now have the tools to deal with life.

I am now on the cause side of life, taking responsibility for everything that happens in life and getting learning from now on forward.

I will grow mentally, spirituality, and emotionally.

Last but not least I would recommend anyone at any level to work go through this experience.


Anger Management

To realize how powerful my subconscious mind is and be given the tools to completely improve the way I think and deal with my emotions and the world around me. This has been the most valuable thing I have ever learned.This course has given me freedom and control over my own mind that I have never had or thought possible.

David *

Anger Management

A very rewarding, powerful program.. Gave me tools I was longing for.

Thank you for helping me release my true potential

Rifiloe *

Total Breakthrough Session

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the very successful coaching sessions that I had with you! Your passion and zeal for life is very evident and encouraging on so many levels for me, which truly shows in your professional and empowering coaching sessions! I now see the magnificence in myself and others once again ! You gave me a gift that I will keep for the rest of my life, thank you! 🙂


Anger Management

I really can’t express in words how much your coaching sessions has helped me to take control of my life. I now see things in a whole new reality that is absolutely empowering and rewarding.

Thanks for playing that role in my life.


Personal Breakthrough Session


Thank-you for the most amazing experience in my life and showing me how to take control of my life and get what I what.

I was unhappy with my life and depressed, I could not think of anything that made me happy even if I tried really hard, nothing was working out and I could not reach my ideal weight I was aiming for nor did I know what I wanted to do with my life. After going through the Total Breakthrough Experience I reached my ideal weight, I found my true calling in life and for the first time in a long time I am a really happy and feeling joyful.

This experience took all my negative emotions away and given me a new life while it showed me how to reach my dreams. Which I already started living!”

I wish everybody could experience this.


Personal Breakthrough Session


Dankie vir jou boodskap.

Ek het verstaan en besef wat jy bedoel het en ek is nou weer baie lief vir my man, ek dink net daar is ‘n paar dinge waaraan gewerk sal moet word, maar verder sal ek hom nie los nie en ek weet nou alles sal reg wees.

Ek wil met my lewe voortgaan en ek wil net dankie se vir als wat jy vir my gedoen en betekn het, ons sal mekaar wel weer eendag raakloop, wat jou doel in my lewe was, weet ek nie, maar ek weet net een ding, dit was meant to be, dat ek jou in my lewe gehad het,al was dit net vir n kort rukkie om alles reg te maak,

Sterkte met alles, en hou aan om mense se lewe te verander en beter te maak.



Personal Breakthrough Session

If you would have told me a few days ago I will be ecstatic about life through NLP “inner healing” techniques, I would have laughed in your face.

I took part in the Personal Breakthrough Session with doubt and with not much faith.

From start, right throughout the session I couldn’t believe the internal peace, happiness, self esteem and life satisfaction I experience every step of the way as we worked through the techniques.

I now believe in the power and truth of “inner healing”.

The stress ball of fear, “guilt” and anxiety is GONE.

I’m at peace with myself and feel and know I can take on the world without being afraid.

Myself confidence is repaired and all the tears I have now, it tears of joy.

I feel like I’m beaming and when I’m looking into a mirror, that I’m seeing somebody completely new, through my eyes.

I look and feel fantastic.

I can go on and tell you so much more, but I recommend you sign up for the personal breakthrough experience whatever your situation and experience the calmness and joy of the self fulfillment you will feel.


Kathleen *

*NOTE: Though we have a great track record and many testimonials, results will vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.