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About Renier Jooste

Renier has an exceptional skill to look straight through all the layers and to really see and connect with a person in the most subtle way. His gentle way of approaching each person and guiding them through their challenges makes him a much respected Master Coach.

He is also a very “hands-on” dad and for him leading by example is a way of life, principle and value which he passes on to his clients in the coaching room.
He has a hunger to continuously grow and expand and spends many an hour re-inventing more NLP techniques which makes infinite growth for each of his client’s possible. His 3-day Total Transformation program is and has been an enormous success.

After working in the sales industry for 7 years Renier discovered NLP and redirected his life to be a full time life coach. To him life coaching is more than just a job, it is a life calling which proves his commitment to let each of his client grow infinitely.

He also proved to be excellent with Anger Management and building a client’s Self Esteem and Confidence is a true passion.
Renier designed a program specifically targeting the corporate world and has great success with presenting it to company workshops and seminars. Some of his workshops designed include :

  • Create the life you want
  • NLP Sales Techniques (Models 1 – 6)
  • Creative thinking
  • Goal setting
  • Power of Influence

I’ve reached a point in my life, where I needed some help. Going through the Total Transformation NLP training, I realized a lot that I didn’t even think or know about. Today I’m a more positive person and believe for the first time in my life, in myself. I will recommend this to everybody, no matter what problem you have, big or small. It changed my life for the better. – Hannes

Without a doubt at all I feel like a new and revitalized person!! I can apply my confidence and have a new outlook on life! I would personally like to recommend this Anger Management course to anyone. –Tim

I have experienced more in one day than I would have ever experienced in any other seminar! -P. Divvy

*NOTE: Though we have a great track record and many testimonials, results will vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.